TTS has vast experience in aviation maintenance applying production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures for aircraft maintenance, component repair, and shop operations.  Our technicians conduct, lead and review periodically the assessment of parts authorized stock levels and bench stock parts to conduct component repairs on aircraft powerplants, powertrain systems, electrical systems, structural repairers, and pneudraulics systems. We have managed/supervised intermediate and depot maintenance of aircraft component repairs. Our managers plan workloads in terms of resources and facilities, apply production control, quality assurance, and other management principles to aircraft component repair. 

  • ·       Maintain equipment records, spare parts and supplies
  • ·       Recommend changes to maintenance publications and drawings
  • ·       Conduct studies, evaluations, special reports and records pertaining to radar, communications, flight controls, automatic test equipment, maintenance operations and training issues
  • ·       Preparation of studies, evaluations, special reports, and records pertaining to aircraft maintenance, component repair, training and safety related activities, processes and procedures

Services and Capabilities

  • Aircraft Part Sales
  • Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Training
  • Aviation Logistics Support Equipment
  • Aircraft Overhaul Support

Aviation Systems and Support

Terra Technologies is able to provide a range of services for rotary winged and fixed winged aircraft. Some of the main services are listed below:

  • Helicopter and Aircraft Overhaul
  • Sale of New and Used Aircraft
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Parts Repair and Return to User
  • Turnkey Maintenance and Repair Facilities
  • Software to Support Maintenance Management, Depot Management, Configuration Management, Mission Planning, Supply Management, Asset Management, and Performance Base Logistics
  • Intelligent Tracking and Control System (ITCS) providing Enhanced Visibility for Automated Inventory and Asset Management