Terra Technologies Solutions, LLC (TTS) provides experienced FMS professionals working with US-partner nations to clearly define their military requirements, develop strategies, and implement integrated solutions documented in an LOR focused on a material solution that supports a       US-partner nation's national security strategy. TTS business practices ensures a full life-cycle support throughout the life-cycle of FMS programs, TTS provides the full complement of articles and services necessary to field, maintain, and utilize major items of equipment efficiently and effectively. TTS prices end-to-end services and expertise across four primary practice areas:

  • Field Services Support (FSR)
  • Acquisition and Logistics Management
  • SETA Support Services
  • Technology and Engineering Services

Our success is based on bringing together experienced professionals, with real world experience, to create and deliver business value. TTS recognizes that FMS management is more an art than a science and that it follows the same tenets of other DoD and U.S. Government (USG) acquisition programs. Equally important as management, TTS understands the overall FMS process from the initial preliminary actions to final reconciliation and closure.


TTS offers clients a range of business and technology management services that enable organizations to achieve success.



Enable US-partner nations through FMS or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) process to build capacity, capability, address global challenges, and achieve U.S. and US-partner nations national security goals.


Be a trusted partner that supports the U.S. and US-partner nations interests in facilitating FMS efforts in developing and executing innovative security cooperations solutions.


TTS supplies innovative, advanced products and services. We are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with the highest quality products that address their unique and special challenges.

We are the provider of choice that provides critical components and products that every military, law enforcement and defense personnel need to perform their jobs more safely and effectively.



Our FMS-DCS-CAS3 (FDC) is a process that combines Foreign Military Sales - Direct Commercial Sales - Consulting Assistance Support Services Solutions (FMS-DCS-CAS3) to achieve and deliver products and services to US-partner nations. The FDC process is executed from our FMS Division of TTS that consists of an International Marketing Representative (IMR) and Consulting Agent that provides the following services:

  • Reduce lag time and information gaps
  • Link product vendors and international customers
  • Consult with shipping agents
  • Cargo tracking of Waybill / Bill of Lading 
  • Analysis of transportation plans collaborating with Freight Forwarder
  • Collaborate with Embassy Security Assistance Organization (SAO's) or (SCO's) / Office of Military Cooperation (OMC's) / JUSMAG's
  • Engage with Department of State officials (Department of State cannot do DCS)
  • Engage Implementing Agencies (IA) like DLA and USASAC
  • Follow up until the contract win is closed
  • Assists with ID of tenders
  • Research solutions
  • Case / contract management
  • Provide updates until we close the deal

The purpose of our FDC process is to adapt new business practices and purchaser requirements with innovative approach to FMS business development that benefits product vendors and US-partner nations. This includes a full service International Marketing Representative and Consulting Agent which will increase confidence in our FDC process and FMS procurement options for US-partner nations providing greater and a more structured customer relationship and participation during the Pre-LOR (Letter of Request) and case development phases. FDC is a business development enabler on the international scale with abilities to open doors and hand carry a project until recipe of deliverables. FDC is your unified International Marketing Representative to communicate on your behalf to market your products, introduce your technology solutions, and assist with your marketing strategy.


We believe that our values constitute the building blocks in the way we do our business. We believe in the highest standards and are committed to transparency and accountability. Our core values reflect the positive growth of our people, business intelligence and market share.


Customer Satisfaction

Our primary drive in doing our business, we strive to win the loyalty of our customers through excellent service and innovative products, seek to meet and exceed their requirements, and add outstanding value to our business relationship.


We place the greatest importance on quality in our operations, services and products we offer. We implement international best practices in every detail of our planning and execution.


We fulfill our promises to our stakeholders - our clients, partners, shareholders and employees. With the highest transparency to our clients, we build their trust by adding value to their initiatives.


We value honesty, integrity, transparent and open communication and are dedicated to observing local and international business laws and standards.


We take the lead on providing solutions for security cooperation. We expect our organization and our workforce to lead the international community toward accomplishing national, regional, and country objectives.


We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. In order to build partnerships based on trust, integrity must be at the core of all we do.


We understand the importance of working together with U.S. government agencies and US-partner nations to build and sustain enduring relationships with our international partners.


A critical component into everything we do is woven into the fabric of what makes our organization a leader in providing innovative solutions. We strive for organizational creativity and adaptability. These characteristics are essential to our success in today's evolving strategic environment.



TTS offers a range of business and technology management services to help clients develop strategy, make decisions, implement integrated solutions, and drive organizational success. We focus on four main areas of service delivery, to provide assessments, training, rapid improvement workshops, and customized consulting services enabling customers to make the most out of their investments. TTS’s experience with requirements definition, acquisitions, engineering, logistics, and information assurance, as well as our ability to document and evaluate alternatives, results in decision making quality information that can validate a military requirement. Whether on behalf of a requesting country in advance of an LOR submission, as part of a USG assessment to accompany an LOR submission, or in support of a requirements survey to improve a submitted LOR’s level of detail, TTS can help ensure that an LOR is complete and supports its evaluation for a response.

Our “FMS-DCS-CAS3” approach utilizes a process that combines Foreign Military Sales - Direct Commercial Sales -
Full IMR - Consulting Assistance Support Services and Solutions to ensure all aspects and impacts of FMS are considered early, including Cost, Estimation, Business Case, Statutory and Regulatory Guidelines, Organization, Process and Resources to deliver capability and capacity to U.S. partner nations. Whether in country or OCONUS, TTS has the capabilities and experience to guarantee results and ensure U.S. partner nation national security goals are met. Leveraging TTS’s expertise ensures that every step in the process is completed thoroughly, accurately, on time, and in the prescribed method, as directed by the MILDEP, DoD, and the USG.